Border Switchboard Sheetmetal & Powdercoating

We are an Australian owned Switchboard manufacturing company located in North Albury, NSW. We have been established since August 2016.

As the name suggests, Border Switchboards Sheetmetal & Powdercoating; design, develop and manufacture Switchboards and Sheetmetal products in-house to the highest quality. We are committed to building quality Switchboards and building great relationships with clients.

Whether you need a large switchboard or a small metal enclosure, we can help. We will work closely with you to provide expert knowledge and workmanship to ensure you get the best results possible.

With over 20 years in the Electrical and Manufacturing business, we have gained knowledge and experience to provide you with a superior product.

Our state of the art sheet metal machines can provide an accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre. With the added bonus of your product being manufactured onsite, this means you get a high-quality product for a lower price. We have type testing certificates for Short Circuit, Clearance and Creepage, Annex ZD Arc Fault and many more.

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Meet our Director

Brennan Jenvey

Brennan is the founder and director of Border Switchboards Sheetmetal and Powdercoating since its opening in 2016. Prior to this, Brennan was the manager at MV Manufacturing. With over 12 years experience in the switchboard industry, Brennan has a wealth of knowledge to assist you with getting the very best product tailored to your needs.

Brennan’s experience in the design process in invaluable to the business. He is able to customize a switchboard for any project to achieve high customer satisfaction. He has the skills and business acumen to successfully lead the company into the future.

Brennan will be happy to assist you with any quotes, design or electrical enquires.

Michael Deslandes

Electrical Manager/Head Estimator

Michael has extensive experience in the Switchboard industry. Michael started is apprenticeship at MV Manufacturing over 19 years ago. He then went on to become Manager of MV Manufacturings South Australian Branch and then also Albury Branch. Michael has been with BSSP since the purchase of MV Manufacturing’s Albury company in 2016. He is BSSP Head estimator and Electrical Manager. Please contact Michael for any of your Switchboard project enquiries

Luke Sheather

General Manager

Luke is a qualified Electrician and the General Manager here at BSSP. Luke has over 15 years experience in the Electrical industry and is the main contact during the production of projects. Luke will help ensure that your Switchboard project is delivered on time to the highest possible standard. You can also contact him for any of your powder coating of Sandblasting enquiries.

Cameron Bradbury

Design Manager

Cameron is head of design at BSSP. Cameron will ensure that your project design will meet your expectations and also current standards. He has been designing Switchboards for over 10 years.

Jason Reeves

Sheetmetal Manager

Jason is BSSP Sheetmetal manager and also Sheetmetal programmer. He has extensive knowledge of all things programming and machinery. Jason can help you with all of your Sheetmetal needs.